Well, I’m switching, yet again: Introducing Ghost

Well, I’m switching, yet again: Introducing Ghost

If any of my readers (which I probably have very few) know anything about me, it’s that I always get caught up in the latest and greatest. “Ooooh, look! I shiny new framework.” I have a habit of going back and re-writing old projects in whatever is new (which I need to learn to quit doing, btw).

Over the years, I’ve had my blog on a number of different platforms. First, it was WordPress. Then I dabbled with Jekyll for a while, but got sick of the slow regen times. I then migrated to Octopress, which led me to Hugo. I’ve loved Hugo, but yet again, I’ve found a new lover: Ghost.

Note: If you don’t already have a good web host, I highly recommend BlueHost. I’ve partnered with them to get you an introductory rate of $3.95/month.

Ghost is by no means new. It’s been around for a while, actually. I’d heard of it previously, and actually knew some people using it and who really loved it. However, when I went to check it out, I was turned off by the $30/month price tag. Little did I know that was only for their hosted platform. If you’re even remotely technically savvy, you can host their CMS for free yourself.

So, here I am again, converting everything over to Ghost and I love it.

For those who don’t know, Ghost is a blogging CMS. And it’s beautiful. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it cuts down on all the bloat and fluff that you find in other platforms. I don’t know that I would quite classify it as a static site generator, as it’s not really, but it’s close enough. Speed is a major sticking point for me, and this is plenty fast.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that it’s just as optimized, if not more so, for SEO than WordPress or other products I’ve tried.

Anyway, enough babbling. I’ll be posting up a new article here soon about how to get a Ghost instance set up and running using ServerPilot soon enough.

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